Gigity.TV Removed Signups + Other News

Gigity.TV is happy to announce that we removed the need to signup in order to watch live broadcasts and archived shows.  Anyone is allowed to now very easily start watching content. However, if a person wants to participate in the LIVE CHAT or leave a COMMENT on an archived show, they'll have to create an account, which of course, is free.

In other news we are at 8500 registered viewers.

We have three new broadcasting installations coming online within the next month (Rosa's Blues Lounge + 2 installations at The Second City Theater).

We're producing the all-city, crowd-sourced advertising contest, 30 Seconds Over Chicago. This competition is unique and promises to be very exciting. We got 30 small businesses in the neighborhood of Wicker Park to each write a creative brief that now anyone can read and post their ideas or "pitches" for 30 second commercials. The open forum extends from now until October 9th. On October 10th, each business owner will pick their favorite idea, and the winners will then have an additional 30 days to build their team and make their ad. All ads will then premiere at the Double Door on Tuesday, November 13th. We're going to broadcast it LIVE and include online voting. Too, there will be three ad-industry creative directors giving feedback, and we're giving $1000 to the winner. Live music will also be provided by The Sometimes Family. Should be a blast!

Gigity.TV Seeking Interns for Marketing & Promotions

Internships are unpaid, but we can faciliate college credit, if applicable. Duties include contacting bands, creating artist profiles, scheduling broadcasts and writing show reviews. If you are interested, please contact

Gigity.TV Pushing 7000 Users!!!

Thank you everyone for your continued support of Gigity.TV. New viewers are coming in all of the time, which not only gives us juice, it encourages the musicians working hard to share with you their art. We have some new features we're adding to the site, so stay tuned!

Gigity.TV Now at 6100 Users!

We're getting an exciting little upward curve here in our signups. Thank you to everyone who has been tuning in and spreading the word. Too, we have some cool developments in the pipeline... we need to keep the lid on them for a little longer, but in the meantime, we're free to announce that on the Friday (june 8th) and Sunday (June 10th) of Bluesfest, we'll be broadcasting Chicago BLUES from Rosa's Lounge. Think of these shows as the Bluesfest Afterparties. See ya then!!!

Gigity.TV Now Has 5100 Registered Users!

Thanks so much for everyone signing up and watching broadcasts on Gigity.TV. I was going to make an announcement on Monday night about crossing the 5000 mark, but on Tuesday we got a 100 more, so now were at 5100.

Be sure also to please "Dig The Gig" on Facebook. The like button is in the header.


Rich Seng (Gigity.TV founder)

Gigity.TV Welcomes The Elbo Room As Its Newest Broadcast Partner

We would like to welcome Chicago's Elbo Room to our roster of venues now connected to our platform. The Elbo Room is based in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. To check out their Gigity.TV profile and to see their list of upcoming broadcasts, click here.

Gigity's First BLUES broadcast at Rosa's with Toronzo Cannon

On Friday, May 11th, at 9:30 PM, renown Chicago Bluesman Toronzo Cannon will be live-streaming from the legendary blues venue, Rosa's Lounge, on the northwest side of Chicago. Four camera angles will be trained on Toronzo to capture every guitar lick, every soulful belt, every drop of sweat. If you can't attend this concert in person, watch it LIVE, and for FREE, on Gigity.TV. Here's the link: Writes Positive Article about Gigity.TV

Thank you Tracy Mac of the for having the interest and taking the time to let me talk a little about Gigity.TV and our mission.

Here's the link to the article.

Gigity.TV now at 4000+ Registered Users

We just passed a small milestone and we're grateful to all of our 4000+ viewers for tuning and watching broadcasts. We are soon going to debut our Pay Per View interface so that bands may have a have a new revenue stream, and we have other things in the works too... Stay Tuned!!! And Thanks!!!

Rich Seng

Gigity.TV Founder

Elbo Room Test Broadcast was a Success!

Thank you to The Elbo Room, Brian Bender, Dimitri & Ben (sound engineers), and the bands Dr. Ed & Friends, Cheers Elephant, and Sons of Great Dane. We had a great time coming out and broadcasting this show with our mobile rig. All of the bands, too, brought a different sound to the night. It was all excellent. To watch the broadcast from our archives, click here:

Be sure to write a review too!

Thanks Again!

Rich Seng (Founder of Gigity.TV)

Gigity Footage Used for Awesome Music Video of UP OFF DOWN by Ivan Ortega

Videographer Ivan Ortega cut this awesome music video using footage both from the 3 stationary Gigity.TV cameras, and from his hand held camera. The end result is that one camera operator truly amplified the effect of the other three Gigity.TV cameras. What a great song too by Up Off Down!

If you are in a band about to play at the Double Door, or anywhere we have Gigity.TV set up, contact Ivan about having him bring-out his camera and shooting you a music video.

Richard Lloyd of TELEVISION, Legends of the 1970's New York Punk Rock Scene, Called Gigity.TV Today

Richard Lloyd is allowing Gigity.TV to broadcast his upcoming show at Chicago's Double Door on Friday, June 15th. Richard is the founding member of Television, regarded as one of the most influential bands of the 1970's New York punk rock scene, alongside the Ramones and the Velvet Underground. Read their Wikipedia article here.

To get an idea of just how influential Television has been, listen to this track "Marquee Moon" from 1974 produced by Brian Eno. You'd think it was written today.

So, this morning Richard called me and I helped him set up his Artist Profile, which we embedded into the Broadcast Page here. Check it out, and if you don't live in Chicago and can't attend this concert in person, be sure to watch the LIVE broadcast.


Rich Seng



LIVE from the Empty Bottle on Saturday, April 7th

The Empty Bottle in Ukrainian Village has welcomed us to bring over our new mobile rig and LIVE broadcast their show on Saturday, April 7th. This show is going to be FREE to watch, and it will feature, so far, Mannequin Men and Summer Girlfriends.

It's going to be a lot of fun. Here's the to the broadcast page.


Broadcasting Friday, March 30th from the Elbo Room

The Elbo Room in Lincoln Park has welcomed us to bring over our new mobile rig and LIVE broadcast their show on Fridat, March 30th. This show is going to be FREE to watch, and it will feature SONS OF GREAT DANE, CHEERS ELEPHANT, and DR. ED & FRIENDS.

It's going to be a lot of fun. Here's the link to the broadcast page.


Gigity.TV is now at 3600 users!

We're very excited to announce that we now have 3600 registered users at Gigity.TV. These little milestones mean a lot to us and we're very grateful for your support. As we've announced on our homepage, we now have our "mobile rig" finished, and with that, we have been welcomed by the Elbo Room and the Empty Bottle to do some live broadcasts. We are broadcasting from the Elbo Room on Friday, March 30th, and from the Empty Bottle on Saturday, April 7th.

These broadcasts will be FREE, so be sure to tune in and watch! Thanks!

Rich Seng

Info for bands to broadcast LIVE from the Double Door

Is your band performing at Double Door?  Gigity.TV is currently offering bands and their fans FREE, LIVE broadcasts of their performances.

Gigity.TV has a three-camera broadcasting installation on site at Double Door. Take a look at our demo to see what our streams look and sound like.

If you would like to have your event streamed LIVE via Gigity.TV,  contact us to get started.  We'll create a unique page for your broadcast that you can use to promote to your fan base, and we'll handle all of the production.  Just show up and play!

Additionally, we can have your set recorded and burned to a data DVD for your own use, for $40.  Just let your Double Door FOH Engineer know before your set.

You'll own this footage entirely, but we may upload clips of your performance to our 
video archives. We'll credit you rightly, and if ever you want it taken down just send us a note.

Let us know, or send us any questions first, and Thanks!

Rich Seng

Gigty.TV Beta-Testing Soon

Greetings! And thank you for visiting Gigity.TV. We are very soon going to launch, but before then, we'll be doing some beta-testing of the sign-up process for bands and viewers. If you'd like to give us a few minutes of your time let us know, and we'll give you a fake credit card number for you to do some practice ticket-buying. Your feedback then will help us make sure everything is working smoothly. Thanks! Rich Seng (Founder)